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Sometimes a Hero Needs Saving (cont…)

The story goes: I grew up in a very low-income family of 8. Owing to hard work, at the my end of primary school examinations, I went to one of the best boarding high schools. It was uncertain how I would get through high school because my family’s financial situation was rough. This was right after the 2007/2008 post-election violence in my country, and my family had just lost land which had been a large investment. On my second semester in high school I heard about this amazing girl’s scholarship fund, and future of my high school education looked brighter when I applied, and became a scholar, with my tuition fully covered for the 4 years in high school. Not to bore you with details, but today I am on a full scholarship in a great liberal arts school. I have been all sorts of things, co-founder of organizations, school president, employee in great non-profits…

So on to my reflections; people don’t expect this girl to be that imperfect but…

Late May 2014 – Some of my diary entries

My boyfriend [or so I thought at the time] has left on a month-long trip to India. It ought to be a boring long month staying alone, and not having regular work hours for my then job. I need to find something else to do. Anyway, more break for me so yay!

At the conference. I am so inspired my head could explode! Such great leaders and especially women leaders. Gosh the bar is being set a bit too high!

My clothes feel tighter than normal. I do think that I am not eating too much but I just seem to be getting bigger by the day. In fact I have been eating way less because I am paying for my own food this summer.

Yay! I just landed another internship position for the summer with another international organization. Way to go Faith!


I just celebrated my birthday. He sent a gift, but he’s not even talked to me since he left. He said it was connection issues, but he has been posting about his trip all over facebook. Anyways happy birthday, you’re still a queen! And now you’re actually 21 you don’t have sneak into places tsk tsk. BTW some annoying bouncer didn’t let me into the club, said I had to be 21 for over 24 hours… so much for trying to show off, I should have used my friend’s ID like always. I’m still 21, I will go back there tomorrow, just because hehe!!

Work at organization has been great. I was given really honorable responsibilities. This summer is looking up alright! Something is bothering me though, I felt sick this morning and I have been pretty sluggish… I really don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I think it is a cold, I will just buy some lemons and honey and fight it before it catches up with me.

I threw almost threw up on the train… umh this is really freaking me out. I didn’t eat anything new I don’t know what is upsetting my stomach for for more than 3 days ugh! If this is not okay by tomorrow…





From politics to personal experiences, join me here as I rant on keyboard and work on improving my writing. I'm trying the who bio-fictional short journals. I promise, I laugh and make fun a lot despite the content; this is situational blogging. This is just an outlet for those brain worms, stories, and if you relate, yay! Just a girl learning to "adult" far away from her home country. This "adulting" gig never came with a manual.

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